Level 2 guidelines - latest news 

As a junior member of Dunholme you get the following benefits:

  • Organised and supervised group training and playing sessions
  • Professional coaching - group and individual (Dunholme only uses Professional Qualified Coaches)
  • Interclub competition and club tournaments including Parent & Child tournaments and club championships
  • Friday night organised play (Interclub and juniors aged 13 and above)
  • Saturday morning coached sessions for beginners from aged 5 to pre-interclub level

Junior non-Interclub Players
Your membership includes a 45min Saturday morning coached session for terms 4 and 1.

Junior Interclub Players
If you're looking for excellent Interclub play, Dunholme Tennis Club has a good selection of interclub teams playing in the Tennis Auckland competition. If you would like to play competitive tennis, please don't hesitate to contact the junior Interclub co-ordinator.

You will be put in a team of usually 5 players to play games against other Tennis Auckland clubs. Teams are entered into age categories and we normally have at least one team in every age category. Games will be held at different venues each week within the Auckland area, (generally travelling distances are not too far). Normally, each week four members of the team play which will consist of one doubles game and one singles games.

Games for beginner grades are first to 6 and games in open grades are to 9 (tie break at 8-8). If you are new to interclub you will generally be entered into a beginners grade team. Note that Saturday beginner grades start 12 noon. All Saturday open grades start 8.30am. Sunday beginner and open grades start 9am.

It is also highly recommended that your team gets a team coaching session once a week (Mon-Thu after school). Additional team coaching occurs an additional charge and is paid directly to the coach.

In addition to interclub play, you will be allocated a Friday night club time with the coaches.

Junior Interclub Coordinator: Duncan Turnbull

Club Keys
Junior club keys are available at $30 ($20 refundable on return of key). Contact Gay at admin@dunholmetennis.co.nz